April 2015 Profile: Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth, Pro Golfer and current Masters champion

Born: July 27, 1993 in Dallas, TX (time unknown, so I’m using 4pm)

Emotional Generator


Jordan SpiethWhat a weekend Jordan Spieth had! He has become a phenom in a golf world that sorely needed some new blood and a gentle touch. He is now the Masters Tournament champion, with lots more credits to his name than he had last Thursday! With Jordan’s win on Sunday, he became:

The second youngest Masters champion at 21 years, 8months

Jointly holds the all-time Masters record with Tiger Woods (270 over 4 rounds)

The fourth champion to win in only his 2nd Masters appearance

Only the 5th “wire-to-wire” champion in Masters’ history, with the last one 39 years ago (Ray Floyd in 1976). This is the definition of grace under pressure in the current age of social media and constant coverage, with all eyes on him as he remained the leader from start to triumphant finish.

While his victory is laudable and fun to watch, it’s also a tribute to Jordan as a young man that he was able to pull it off and garner so much praise as a PERSON. That’s what makes his win particularly unique. He was celebrated on the course and off as a stand-up guy, genuine, full of integrity, having “awesome composure”, “fun to have around on the Presidents Cup Team”, close to family and friends, and generous and compassionate, especially with his little sister, Ellie. He’s even started a Foundation in his name already to help young people with disabilities.

So what kind of chart would a person have that had achieved so much so early in life – fame, fortune AND kind accolades about his personality?

As an Emotional Generator, with only three centers defined, Jordan takes in a lot of energy from others, but has quite a bit of energy himself. All three centers that are defined are motors – the Sacral, the Root, and Emotional Solar Plexus. All the rest of his centers are open. So he’s got sustainable Sacral energy but with an Open Throat, so doesn’t talk a lot. He’s grounded by his Root energy, but with the Open G, knows where he likes to be and which venues feel good to him. And while he has a mild emotional wave, he can use his Open Head and Ajna to figure things out as he’s being more introspective during down times. All those pieces fit together beautifully for a patient, quiet, accurate, thoughtful golfer.

He’s a Generator who’s quiet but with his 4/6 Opportunistic Role Model profile, he does like being out with people. His agent said that he’s a very capable public speaker, who has just as good a time talking with a CEO as he does a group of kids giving a speech about not texting and driving. With his Open Throat, it’s a lovely thing to have an agent introducing you around so that Jordan just has to answers the questions he’s asked.

The two channels he has are the 9-52 Channel of Concentration, and the 41-30 Channel of Fantasy & Desire. So the attributes of concentration and focus allow him to spend endless hours as he perfects his passion, while his fantasies allow him to project into the future, and his intensity and desire for the game ensure that his game is spot on when he needs it to be. One of the announcers said yesterday that “Spieth is spot on.”

Jordan also has a number of Gates that helped to form the full personality on show yesterday, like the Gate 61 – the Thinker; Gate 43 – Breakthroughs; Gate 31 – Influence; Gate 12 – Caution; and the Gate 54 – Ambition. But I think that the stand-out gate for him is the Gate 5 – Rhythm. The gate of rhythm or patterns has the kind of cadence to it that allows one to do something over and over again, without getting bored. He didn’t try anything new, he didn’t take risks, and he didn’t veer from his ingrained patterns of hitting the ball as far as he could with a solid swing, putting, and sinking the putt. Over and over until he had done it 270 times — which just happened to tie the course record. Spieth said it himself yesterday following his victory: “I just got in a rhythm today and didn’t let up. It’s a dream come true. It’s remarkable.”

His dream as a little kid, he said yesterday, was to win the Masters, and he did just that, at the tender age of 21. Now what? they asked him. “There are more tournaments to win. And I’ll be back next year”, he calmly and assuredly replied. Grace under pressure, with a side of intensity. As a final note, Jordan’s first tweet after winning the Masters was: “Well, I’m glad that wasn’t a dream.”


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