Each monthly newsletter from Living by Human Design includes a topic around Human Design and a “celebrity” chart analysis. Enjoy!


December 2014 LBHD Newsletter  – Are you being the authentic YOU?

November 2014 LBHD Newsletter – Love and Loss  — and Teddy the “Rough Rider”


July 2014 LBHD Newsletter  “Is Human Design the new Science of Consciousness?” and George & Amal as a couple


May 2014 LBHD Newsletter  “Do we ever graduate from our Conditioned Selves?” and Maya Angelou


April 2014 LBHD Newsletter “Living Life Fully” and the Pope’s chart


March 2014 LBHD Newsletter  “Let it Go” and Tom & Gisele 


January 2014 LBHD Newsletter  New Year/New You Expo and Nelson Mandela


October 2013 LBHD Newsletter  “A Generator’s Tale” and Miley Cyrus


September 2013 LBHD Newsletter   Alignment with Human Design and Welcoming Prince George!


July 2013 LBHD Newsletter  More FAQ’s and the Royals


June 2013 LBHD Newsletter  Dads and Partnerships in Human Design


May 2013 LBHD Newsletter  Relationships with Mom in Human Design and Burt Bacharach


April 2013 LBHD Newsletter  “Free Will vs. Your Human Design Strategy” and Jane Fonda


March 2013 LBHD Newsletter  Human Design FAQ’s and Spring Expos


February 2013 LBHD Newsletter  Which Energy Type are You! and Angelina Jolie


January 2013 LBHD Newsletter  “What makes You Unique?” and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


December 2012 LBHD Newsletter  “‘Tis the Season for…YOU and yours! and Brad Pitt


November 2012 LBHD Newsletter  “A User’s Guide for your Life” and Steve Jobs


October 2012 LBHD Newsletter  “Is Human Design for the Children?” and Albert Einstein


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