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Hope you’re having a great Summer! Thanks so much for all those who responded to last week’s survey! I really appreciate your help! And I’m pleased to announce a new complimentary webinar: “How to Create your Unique Sales & Marketing Machine”.  It will be held next Wednesday, August 19th at 8pm EDT/5pmPDT.

announcing a free webinar about Sales & Marketing geared to entrepreneurs, life coaches, corporate managers and business owners:



In this webinar you’ll learn:

*How to find your life’s purpose and finally make money doing what you love

*How to do sales without “selling” in the way that’s right for you

*How you can do business in a rapidly changing economy and how you can be in the flow of change (on the leading edge) with ease and grace

*How being willful, emotional or stressed hurts you and your business and discover how to leverage more energy than you ever thought possible without burning yourself out

*How you can make a difference AND a profit (and be authentic at the same time in your business and life)!

Click here to register! I look forward to joining you at this event!

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ego & spirit Williamson3
When so many answers came in from my recent survey questions about your biggest issue around sales and marketing, it was surprising to get so many that were looking for clarity. No one said “clarity” exactly.
But that’s what it boiled down to. (Of course, the Questions didn’t apply to everyone, and you let me know – those were some of my favorite replies!)So “Clarity” became a big bucket to put a lot of the answers into, like:

  • Where should I find clients?
  • What are the right next steps to take?
  • How should I be using social media?
  • How can I make better decisions so I can sleep better at night?
  • How can I find more balance?
  • How can I stay motivated?

 Marianne Williamson has a beautiful saying:“The Ego says: Once everything falls into place, then I’ll find peace. And the Spirit says: When I find peace, then everything will fall into place.”

It’s one of those sayings that turns everything we’ve been taught on its head. I call it an upside down statement. Or backwards logic.
We’re all taught to be logical and to use our heads to make decisions and solve problems. But what if that isn’t the best way?What if there is a better way?
So, back to the answers to the survey. I could put each of the answers into groups of things that people want to improve. Groups like Productivity, Lead Generation, Sales, Social Media, etc. But most of you know HOW to do these things. You’ve probably had lots of training on them or taken courses before. What’s lacking is what to do and when.
So rather than put all the answers into those various groups, I’m going to call them all “Clarity” as one big catch-all bucket. And here’s why.
Because each of those “wishes” could be achieved if they were following their Human Design strategy.Yes, it’s that simple. (Not always easy, but yes, a simple solution.)Because so many of my clients – after they’ve had a Human Design analysis done or we’ve done some coaching around their decision-making strategy – tell me exactly that. That they have more peace. That all of a sudden, they have more clarity. More clarity about what to do in their business. How to improve their relationships (without changing the OTHER person, by the way). How to live their lives in terms of what to eat, and how to sleep and exercise in a way that’s best for them.
The most heartening thing to hear is that they’ve found peace. The kind of inner peace that has you whisper “Thank you” as you go to sleep and as you awake each morning. The kind of peace that has you laughing more with friends and family, and encouraging loved ones and strangers. The kind of peace when you really are absorbing just how miraculous nature really is whenever you’re lucky enough to be outdoors. The inner peace of knowing that everything is working out for you exactly as it should be and you don’t have to worry about a thing. Your life is occurring in Divine Timing. That kind of peace is priceless.
And, of course, we all revert back sometimes to worry and confusion. We are human, after all! We forget momentarily what we’ve learned.Then it’s nice to have a reminder to us back on track. When we remind ourselves to make a list of what we want. Or what we want to change. When a friend reminds us of how special or (fill in the blank) we are! And then we stop to reflect on the positive rather than the negative. Or we run into resistance and feel the deep frustration of that.
So that finally we stop and wonder why we are making things so damn hard?! We ask ourselves why don’t I just follow my strategy? (that is, my Human Design strategy for making decisions). That would be so much easier!And then we’re back on track. It’s just awareness. That was easy!
When we had decided to move to Florida, we kind of knew what we wanted but didn’t find anything in the listings that was exactly what we were looking for. And we had been looking a lot! Enough to know what we wanted and what we didn’t want. So when we were in Punta Cana for a long weekend, just about a month before we were going down to Florida to meet with some realtors, we sat on the deck with a drink and made a list. We wrote down just ten things that we wanted in the new condo. Everything from the square footage minimum, HOA fees and price we wanted to pay (OK, there were a few numbers in there!) to the kinds of people in our community, outdoor activities, and exercise equipment.
When we visited Florida, we saw 37 condos over 4 days with 6 different realtors and drove 400 miles. After the first day, exhausted but excited, we pulled out our list at a pub and went down the list. (I hadn’t even looked at the list since the day we wrote it!). So imagine how surprised I was to see that not only did the second condo we saw have everything on the list, but it was WAY BETTER! I hadn’t even imagined a place like we found! It had been on and off the market, and had been vacant over a year. Just waiting for us!
We looked at each other, and since we’re both Generators, asked each other “Do you want to make a bid on this?” and we both came back with “Uh-huh!!” for answers. Our Sacrals knew. We made a bid that night, went on to see the other places, but never found another that matched up to the one we loved. And it all worked out beautifully – quickly, efficiently, the people couldn’t have been nicer, and we now are blessed to have had our first anniversary in our new home – and are living our dream!
That clarity got us our dream home, I’m sure of it!
Would you like some clarity, too?
But what if you just don’t know what you want? Really. Just don’t have any idea, and don’t know how to get there. What then? How can you get to clarity when you don’t know which direction to go in?
Then you’ve got a few different paths you can go down, and this is the one I always suggest to my clients. I call it the List. It’s a list that you create for each area of your life that has 10-12 items on it that describe that area for you in your ideal. Make a few lists, one for each area of your life that you want to change or improve, for topics like:

  • Career/Job or New Venture
  • Relationship with Partner
  • Family relationships
  • Your Health
  • And Any other important topic

To do this exercise the first time, get quiet for at least half an hour (whether you meditate, journal, vision board, or do a project plan). And if you think that’s too long to spend on creating your new reality with clarity, please just take the time to do it – you deserve it!

Start thinking about you want. When nothing shows up right away, then think of what you don’t want, and write down the OPPOSITE of that. So if you don’t like working such long hours, you can write that you have a flexible working schedule that allows for more family time. Or that you have a short commute and lots of time each day to exercise and attend the children’s events. Or you have clients and colleagues who are like-minded, friendly and supportive. It’s your list and you get to make it up as you go along. What can you really envision if YOUR world was the way YOU wanted it?
One by one write down 10-12 qualitative descriptions (don’t be TOO specific and just a few numbers, please, the Universe can’t abide numbers) for each area. And don’t feel that you have to tackle them all at once. Do them as time permits, and dreams allow. Once you start thinking about what your world could look like, what you envision will feel really great! And that’s the way it should feel. That “feeling” place is exactly what will put the Universe in motion to deliver exactly what you’ve been envisioning.
Then it’s your choice! You can re-visit them daily, weekly or not at all. Once the “plan” is in place, you don’t need to go back to it, unless you want to add something or tweak something.
And yes, I know, this is quite different from your SMART goals but how long have you been doing those – and have you achieved everything you wanted? I dare to guess that some of the BIG things have eluded you. I’m suggesting an alternative for the BIG dreamy things you want:

  • A home life that’s peaceful
  • A loving relationship with your spouse (and maybe fun and sexy, too!)
  • A career that’s really fulfilling
  • A way to help others

And a word about timing. See, the Universe wants you to have your dreams. If you can just be really clear about what you want and then leave the timing to the Universe, you’ll always get what you want.

The Universe will always deliver exactly what you want – and usually even better than what you imagined! The timing will either be sooner or later than you expected, but it will always be the perfect timing for you!The Universe works its magic for you – each and every one of us – in Divine Timing. So it’s always the perfect timing! 

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