This may not seem like it, but this really is a message for the holidays!

We’re here to be different. That’s what Ra says! We’re here to use our Strategy and Authority in Human Design to figure out what’s unique about each one of us and play with that. Have fun with that. Be passionate about that.

Here’s a quote from Ra Uru Hu, the creator of Human Design, from The Definitive Book of Human Design, page 408.

“Every time I teach at any level of this knowledge, I’m always struck by the same thing. Without strategy and authority, there’s nothing in this life. There’s nothing but homogenization, confusion and distortion. As long as the mind is involved,there’s no way out. There isn’t. As long as the mind is controlling your life,there is absolutely nothing you can do. You’re lost. You’re just lost. And you end up suffering deeply. It’s so simple.

This is the whole thing. It’s the deconditioning. It’s the deconditioning away from homogenization to differentiation. It’s about being able to accept a possibility, and it’s only a possibility, it’s not a probability; a possibility that along this way there are those with whom you can commune with in an extraordinary way. It’s what we’re here for.”

This quote is chock full of wariness about what NOT to do. Ra does say that we should follow our Human Design strategy for making decisions and our authority,once we know what it is. And that’s important, but it’s also important to STOP using our minds to make decisions (and that’s the hard part for so many of us).Once we stop using our minds, and start to use our strategy for making decisions, even little ones, our path becomes a lot more clear. It starts feel better and, little by little, we’ve let go of our old selves and begun to feel more at home with our new way of doing things.

Who really wants to be the same as everyone else anyway? That’s the homogenization he talks about. Maybe some people do. But as more and more people “awaken” in these highly energized times, more are finding or making their own path. And the kids (from birth to the early 30’s Millennials), they already know why they’re here and are often acting on their purpose and following their unique path.Good for them!

I certainly don’t want to be the same as others – anymore! And if you’re reading this, you probably don’t want to be the same either.

I don’t want to be a sheep, following the herd of fear, confusion and doubt. I’ll make my own path, thank you very much.

I don’t want to live in lack, worried about whether I’ll be taken care of by the Universe or not. I prefer to live in a trusting field of abundance – knowing that water and air, sunlight and food, family and friends, health and wealth will all be there when I need them.

I don’t want to listen to that mind chatter any more that is oh-so-happy to offer messages of scarcity, deficiency, doubt and confusion (again) pointed inward,questioning everything I do.  Following my strategy feels so much better! (Funnily enough, the more you use your Strategy, the quieter it gets up there in your mind!)

The end result: My life — career, family and friends, and health — is so much more solid, secure and trusted than it used to be. And it keeps getting better.

For so long, I DID want to be the same, to fit in – in grade school, high school,even college and my first jobs. But I NEVER fit in. I was never part of the “in crowd”, the cool girls, the pretty ones, the popular ones. It was an awkward time – till about 30!

I wasn’t ugly or unhealthy – just never had the right clothes, hair, makeup, or athletic abilities, and was unusually nerdy – and always with something physically wrong with me that made me self-conscious. Braces for six years until freshman year of college were bad enough, but add to that a discolored front tooth from 13, a mole on my neck that was easily visible and always the subject of teasing, a persistent wart on my elbow in grade school (always a band-aid nearby to hide it), which seemed to turn into a wart on my upper lip by high school (lovely – and why we had to wait (!)to get it removed, I can’t remember – maybe we were waiting for a miracle cure?),poison ivy/oak/sumac every summer from working outdoors in my father’s tree business and fully body rashes from penicillin. Oh, and I had glasses since 3rd grade, when no one else had glasses yet. I’m sure I’m forgetting (or blocking out) some others. I guess I always stood out a bit.

And do I have to say it? During my formative years, I HATED standing out!

Of course, many years of trying to fit in followed. Good school, okay jobs leading to better jobs, a seeming career path, and then I felt boxed in. Ooh! It’s not so comfortable being like everyone else. That’s not really ME. Geez! Now what?

And then I started, around 45, on a different path of trying to “find” myself. To find my purpose. Because working 12 hours a day and commuting another 3 hours in a job I hated at that point didn’t seem to be the “purpose” I was looking for.

Maybe, just maybe, there was something else out there I was supposed to be doing. And in 2009, Human Design found its way into my life.

Fast forward to this year, this holiday season, and my book has launched, I’m happy and healthy and living in a beautiful place near the ocean with my wonderful husband. Life is good and I’m so grateful!

It’s kind of like going from “The Nerd” or “Clueless” to “It’s a Wonderful Life”! I always loved those holiday movies…

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season – Merry Christmas, a belated Happy Hanukkah, and to all a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!  Enjoy your time off, away or with your families! And a gentle reminder, follow your strategy to play the holiday game your way this year! (wink, wink!) 

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