Oprah’s Golden Globes Speech on Sunday, January 7, 2018 in Los Angeles



Oprah Winfrey 

Emotional Generator with 2/4 Profile

Born in Kosciusko, MS on January 29, 1954 at 4:30am


“What I know for sure is speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.” – Oprah Winfrey at the Golden Globes on Sunday, January 7th.


It feels like the new David Letterman show – “And the Woman who needs no introduction…” is Oprah Winfrey – better known as Oprah! There has been so much written and spoken about her childhood, young career, later career and ultimate TV show, network and movies (I had no idea she was in so many movies!), that I’ll skip the usual biographical info and get right to the personality traits in her Human Design chart.

When I’m talking to Generator clients of mine, I usually group Oprah with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates – each of whom are Generators – as a way to reassure clients who think that “just” being a Generator can’t be all that special. Yes, it can be that special. That’s pretty special company to be in!

And to be honest, there’s nothing any more special in Oprah’s chart than in any other Generator’s chart. In fact, most people might think that the two Energy Centers she has Open on her chart – the Throat and the Will Centers – are her greatest assets. And so, I get to make the point, that your Openness is your greatest teacher in life, where you are likely to gain your wisdom. And where, over time, if you’re allowing yourself to de-condition and see the wisdom, you’ll have the greatest successes! And Oprah is living proof of that premise. She transformed her greatest “weakness” into her greatest assets – and any one can do the same.

Her Throat, in fact, has a number of gates coming off it that point to a number of defining characteristics – the ones that are more consistent for her. She has the gates for Details (62), Story-telling (56), Privacy/Retreat (33), Caution (about her reputation, 12), and Change (also known as the Jack of All Trades, 35). Yes, those fit her well, and she uses them well to tell delicious stories, mind the details of her empire and brand, smoothly move from business person to actor to speaker to interviewer, all while having a scandal-free reputation and finding the time to take of herself.

The themes of her life – as seen in the Channels that are defined in her Triple Split Definition – also describe her beautifully. She has the Channel of Awareness (61-24), which allows her to hold SOOO much information over time in her defined Head and Ajna while thinking not JUST logically or abstractly, but in both ways as a truly holistic thinker. She has a way of finding the kernel of truth in an interview that changes the dynamic of the conversation so that it becomes a learning experience for the entire audience but also for the person being interviewed. Very few people have that innate ability!

Oprah has the gift of making it all look so easy because she has the Channel of Discovery (29-46). This channel gives her the Persistence, Determination and Commitment that she’s known for. But it’s also the Channel that we refer to as one where she will “succeed where others fail, and fail where others succeed”. In other words, she wasn’t here to do what her mother did as a maid. She probably would have been terrible at that career. She’s here to do something new and different, in a unique way. All the while making it look easy, because you don’t see how hard she’s been working behind the scenes to make sure it all goes smoothly for everyone.

Oprah also has the Channel of Power (57-34)! I love this one, as it shows that there is real Power in following your intuition to multi-task. We all like to think that we can multi-task, as if that’s the be-all and end-all. No, it’s not! The Power is in listening carefully to the little instinctual nudges we get, and THEN do the tasks that need to be done to accomplish that.

Finally, Oprah has the Channel of Synthesis (19-49), from the Root to the Solar Plexus. It’s a combination of Sensitivity (Gate 19) – sensitivity to feelings, nature, animals, and even tactile sensitivity – that leads to Principles (gate 49) and possibly Revolution because of those Principles. Oprah’s sensitivity to her own childhood circumstances and ultimate understanding and resolution of them personally, has led to a life-long crusade for others who are abused, down-trodden, tormented, and now sexually harassed in the #MeToo movement.

When you put all these potently forceful channels together with her Openness, there is no doubt that Oprah is a fighter on behalf of equality, justice, freedom and love. As she eloquently stated on Sunday night on behalf of so many women, “Time’s Up!”

And for Oprah, the question is: What’s next for this powerful Generator?

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