What Makes you TICK??

I hope that you and your family had wonderful holidays that made lots of great memories! And Happy New Year to you and yours!

I also hope that you are starting the New Year with a fresh outlook on life that isn’t just about resolutions but about intentions for the future that are new and exciting! As in Great Expectations!

So I’ve been wondering: Have you ever wondered what makes you tick? What keeps you going? What gives you the motivation or the energy or the stamina to do all the things you do in a day?

Or what causes you to run on empty when you feel like you can’t do another thing – and yet you do? (And it’s usually for someone else!)

You know how some people are ticklish – and others just aren’t? There are some traits and skills that we have that show up that way for some of us and not for others. It’s not right or wrong; it’s just what is. Your Human Design chart is a lot like that. Just for example: Some of us have will power and some don’t (67% of us); some are emotional and some aren’t (50% of us).  

What makes you the you that you know and love – sometimes – or beat up on/question/doubt much of the time?

What makes you feel and act more authentically rather than feeling like you’re doing what you have to do and what’s expected of you each and every day?

Who are you really? Do you know?

If you do, then you’ve probably already had a Human Design session with me or someone else. And ironically, all the answers to the questions above are on your chart and inside of you. I just help you to pull them out by explaining what’s on the chart. It’s like a window into your heart and soul.

If you happen to have had a session with me during 2018, then click here to set up an appointment for your 20-minute follow-up chat (complimentary), if you haven’t already. I’d love to know how you’re doing and answer any questions you might have!

And if it’s been a while since your Human Design session and you’d like to have a laser-focused, “what’s up for me in 2019?” call, then click here to set up a 60-minute session (special rate of $75) to dial that in and make it a year to remember! You’ll go straight to my calendar! Set it up now – you’re worth it!

If you don’t feel like you really know who you are yet, then maybe, just maybe, you’re a little more curious this year than you were last year. Lots of energies are changing, and many people are being uplifted to discover more about themselves. To take time for yourself. To research and learn more about yourself. To take a breath. To spend more time on self-care. To get to the doctor or the specialist you’ve been putting off – or if you’re so inclined, to look into some alternative practices that you may be interested in – like an acupuncturist or a naturopath or an energy healer. Wouldn’t that feel better?

Wouldn’t it also feel better if you were doing what you really wanted to do with your life instead of just going through the motions? Doing what you love with passion, instead of with drudgery? Doing what feels natural and because it feels natural, it also feels good (and has you look and feel better physically, too?) Or making money doing what makes your heart sing instead of counting the minutes until you can leave your job each day? Or really being an example to your children that you’re proud of versus making excuses for why you’re so tired?

I understand because I’ve been there and done that over and over and over until I finally found out about my own Human Design in 2009. Ten years later, my life looks a lot different than it did then. And I can tell you that the Facebook challenge of what I looked like ten years ago would show a very glum, despondent and burned out me. Today, I’m much more content and fulfilled with the work I do, have more freedom and fun, and feel much healthier and happier! Nice improvement, if you can get it! But it’s not just me; it happens for all my clients.

That’s the improvement and fulfillment and inner peace that knowing your Human Design offers! Are you ready for the challenge? Are you curious?

If you feel like you’re ready to find out more about yourself, then you can click here to purchase a Human Design session with me ($197).

Here’s what a basic session includes, in case you’re wondering: You’ll find out about your unique energy blueprint, your life’s purpose and how to make decisions that work for you. I cover the background of Human Design briefly, its’ benefits to you, your Energy Type and strategy in detail, then your Profile, your Incarnation Cross and life’s purpose. Finally, we go through each of your Open Energy Centers, and then your defined centers, and the channels that connect them. Afterward, I’ll send you descriptions of your channel themes, your Incarnation Cross description, affirmations for the centers, and your recordings. It’s a lot of info, but because you have it recorded, you can always review it at a later date whenever you like (and download the mp3 to any device you like.)

And I will make you a guarantee: No one has ever been disappointed with their session with me. And you won’t be either. I don’t bite, and most of my clients feel like it’s a two-hour hug. But if you are disappointed, you’ll get a full refund.

So what do you think? Is 2019 the year that you discover what makes you tick and how you can use that information to achieve your goals and intentions? If you’re ready, click here. I’m looking forward to telling you all about you.

P.S. And if you’d rather take a baby step toward finding out more about you, then you can get my book, “Getting to Know YOU” here. It will give you all the basics about Human Design, but also WHY you would want to know about it, and how it can help you in all areas of your life: career, relationships, parenting, health and spirituality.

As someone wrote me this morning: “I loved how you explained everything in your book, so clear and with such good examples!! I can’t get enough of human design now :)”

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