July 2014 Profile: George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin

George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin

George: Emotional Projector born on May 6, 1961 at 2:58 am in Lexington, KY

Amal: Manifesting Generator (non-emotional) born on February 3, 1978 in Beirut, Lebanon



George & Amal

On or about September 12, 2014, an actor/activist will be marrying a lawyer/activist. And it will be a quiet family gathering to join two people in love. And it would go largely unnoticed by many, except that one of the people is George Clooney!

So one of the world’s most eligible bachelors will be single no more! But what made this rather self-confirmed bachelor take notice of Amal Alamuddin AND propose when so many other long-term girlfriends were told there would be no chance of a proposal – ever?

I’ve always been a fan of his, but on this change of behavior, it always helps to take a look at his Human Design chart. And since Amal is now in the news quite a bit, I was able to find her birthdate, too (no birth time yet, but I chose 8pm as the most likely timing, given the moon gates and the profile it provided).

Since we can probably assume that most of you know who George Clooney is and no one really knows much about Amal yet, we’ll just proceed to the charts for each of them and then take a look at their charts together.

George is an emotional Projector with just two centers and one channel defined in his chart. This makes him a very “open” Projector; that is, one who takes in a lot of energy from other people. When he was younger, he took in other people’s energy at work or at play and just kept going and going. But as he got older, it likely crept up on him and affected his health. Now that he’s turned 50, he can be more discerning in his acting roles, his travels and in his choice of companions.

With just a Will Center and Emotional Solar Plexus defined, he thought he could keep up with everyone else, and could will himself to keep going or finish a project or keep a promise to someone. But again, his choices are likely becoming more wise in ways that help him to moderate his activities so that his health and his stamina are priorities for him. He is emotional but the wave is likely a mild one. The only channel that’s defined is the Channel of Agreements between the Will and the Solar Plexus. This makes him someone who will never break a promise. And if he does, he’ll feel ill about it. This may help to explain why after one marriage and divorce when he was younger, he would rather tell women up front in a relationship that he would not be marrying them than to give them or anyone else the impression that he was “stringing them along”.

Amal is a non-emotional Manifesting Generator. She has had a fast-track career as a lawyer, author and as an activist has been quite involved in humanitarian activities – which is how she caught George’s eye in the first place. She speaks three languages, has studied at Oxford and NYU, and specializes in international law, criminal law, and human rights. She’s bright, beautiful and has been very successful in her career, including representing some very polarizing clients.

As a Manifesting Generator, she has had the Sacral energy as well as the Will to accomplish whatever she sets out to do. She, like George, will never break a promise. Her defined channels are the Channel of the Alpha (‘nuf said), the Channel of Transmission (also known as the Channel of the Salesperson) and the Channel of Resources (making money and knowing how to use it wisely). Putting those themes together, you can see how as a Manifesting Generator with both the energy and the voice to make things happen, as well as the themes of money, power and sales, she’s made a name for herself in a relatively short time as a barrister. She’s even written a book and articles that have gained her notoriety as a speaker to young adults. Her profile is the Hermit/Opportunist, and while naturally quiet, she also has a knack for stepping into the opportunities that are correct for her. It makes her a ‘natural’ at almost anything she decides to try.

Now, as we put George and Amal’s charts together, we get a very interesting picture. Usually, we look for how many gates match up from one chart to the other. Here there is only ONE electromagnetic match-up – the Channel 5-15. One is good, but more are better for most relationships. (Although in true BFF form, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie also have just one gate match-up in their charts.)

However, what we find is that George and Amal SHARE the same Incarnation Cross – the Right Angle Cross of the Sphinx. The Incarnation Cross is the mythology of your life IF you are following your strategy. So while George was born in May, and Amal was born in February, the Crosses repeat in each quarter, and so their Crosses happen to be the same. This means that the four gates in their Sun and Earth are exactly the same (just in a different order), so they have the same four gates that make up about 70 percent of their personality traits. George’s Cross focuses on Resources (as the Gate 2 is in his Conscious Sun) while Amal is the Listener, as the Gate 13 is in her Conscious Sun. It really fits so well with both her career and relationships – people will just love confiding in her and knowing that their secrets are safe. What an apt fit for someone like George who is always in the public eye and would feel the need for a safe haven in his confidante and wife.

In a way, they’ve found their twin flame. No wonder they’re so compatible and not surprisingly, the relationship progressed to engagement quickly. More than a heightened electric charge between them, there is a calm in knowing the other person so intimately with understanding. In addition to the four gates in the Incarnation Cross, they have a few other gates in common, which makes for additional shared values. They both have a wide range of gates in common: Gate 21 – Control; Gate 44 – Alertness; Gate 56 – The Storyteller; Gate 60 – Evolution; and Gate 17 – Opinions. Gates 21 and 17 can be the “troublemakers” in a relationship, but since they both have them, it gets cancelled out to an extent!

With so many shared values and common humanitarian interests, this seems like a wonderful relationship for both of them!


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