Stephen Hawking

Energy Type: Generator with Right Angle Cross of Penetration

Birth: January 8, 1942 in Oxford, England (2:29 am) during Word War II

Death: March 14, 2018 in Cambridge, England (age 76)


Dr. Stephen Hawking died peacefully on March 14th in Cambridge, England at the age of 76. His doctors told him at 21 years old that he had a motor-neuron disease (ALS) that would probably kill him by the age of 25. They were obviously wrong and he worked hard for the last fifty years to make each day count. It’s an amazing story of grit, persistence, determination, evolving concepts and some brilliant ideas that led to his renowned and acclaimed career.  Following his death, his adult children made a statement praising his courage and persistence in the face of great adversity. UK Prime Minister Teresa May called him “a brilliant and extraordinary mind”.

Dr. Hawking was a famed physicist and cosmologist, who was able to link Einstein’s Theory of Relativity with the newer quantum physics revelations of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s – hence, the movie of his life was aptly called the “Theory of Everything”.  He had a number of popular books published during his lifetime including “A Brief History of Time”, which sold over 10 million copies – very unusual for a book about physics – even his publishers were surprised!  But he had a way with words, and was able to charm, educate, and entertain at the same time – even when he had to revert to using speech recognition software to make himself heard – all of which made him a popular author, professor, speaker, and mentor to his many teaching assistants, who went on to their own impressive careers.

While there is nothing obvious in his chart that would point to particular brilliance or fortitude or grace under pressure, it’s all there in the various gates, channels and in his Incarnation Cross. Your Incarnation Cross is the story of your life if you’re living out your Human Design strategy. As brilliant as he was, I would suggest that Dr. Hawking was very carefully listening to his gut as a Generator – rather than his mind – to make decisions. The narrative of his life included many decisions – intellectual, personal, physical and even survival decisions.

His Incarnation Cross is the Right Angle Cross of Penetration: “These are people on the path from rags to riches, who are recognized by those higher up the ladder; they align themselves with higher (ven mystical) forces. (Gates 54-53-57-51)” from The Definitive Book of Human Design, p. 308.  This seems like the path that Dr. Hawking was on – always forging ahead no matter what obstacles were in his way and often beating the odds of the unusual variation of the ALS disease he manifested. One doctor described Hawking’s disease as “an incredible example of the variability of the disease”. Only a very small percentage of ALS patients have such a slow progression of the disease and where in fact, his breathing is not impaired.

Dr. Hawking’s chart shows Energy Centers that include a defined Head and Ajna (no surpise!), along with defined Sacral, Spleen and Root. Connecting his Head and Ajna is the Abstract Channel (Gates 64 and 47) of thinking – where he was likely to receive many of his unusual ideas as downloads of information and then come to an epiphany about them. (Gate 47)  He also had the Gate 63 off the Head, the gate of Doubt of Suspicion and the beginning of the hypothetical process – whether you are a scientist or not. The last component of his thinking process was the Gate 23 – Assimilation, where he was able to take very, very complex thoughts, ideas, and brand new concepts and articulate them as clear and concise conversations, books and classes for the masses. That is a true form of brilliance!

Connecting the Sacral, Root and Spleen, Dr. Hawking had the Channels of Mutation (3-60) and Power (57-34). The combination of these two channels guaranteed that his revelations would always be a little different – mutative – and would also be intuitive. In the Channel of Power, the inference is that the combination of multi-tasking in an intuitive way would lead to Power in one way or another – whether you intuitively found the right way to do something OR you just kept multi-tasking until you hit on some theory that made sense, you would get to the answer eventually. He did get to the answers eventually!

Dr. Hawking also had a number of other gates that line up with the personality traits we have come to associate with his life: Gate 31 – Influence, as in an influential voice; Gate 46 – Gate of the Flesh, associated with his persistence and determination; Gate 49 – Principles/Revolution, as he created a revolution as he described the principles of the Universe; Gate 39 – Provocation, as he was known to tease and provoke students; Gate 45 – Gate of the King, no matter how disabled he became physically, he always commanded the room; Gate 44 – Alertness, as in finding colleagues, students and caretakers to work with in the most successful way; and the Gate 54 – the Gate of Ambition, in his conscious Sun, he never stopped teaching, learning, becoming, and excelling in his field of study.

Dr. Hawking’s ashes will be buried in Westminster Abbey in London later this year alongside such iconic scientists as Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin. While a scientist through and through, Hawking also had a sweet and familial side to him, as this quote indicates: “It would not be much of a Universe, if it wasn’t home to the people you love”.


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