May 2015 Newsletter: Addicted to Fear?

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So what is this thing we call fear??

As I noted above, I’ll be interviewed for a tele-summit in May called: “Kick Your Fear Addiction”. I’m honored to be included, but I don’t usually “do” fear. I’ve had my share of fear over the years, of course, but I actually avoid talking about it, unless it serves a client. So, as I’ve been thinking about it lately, I realized that maybe I’m not giving fear it’s due. Maybe I’ve been avoiding it, and doing my clients and readers a dis-service. Maybe it IS time to talk about fear a bit more. And maybe this tele-summit was just the impetus I needed to respond to!

As a teacher, I realize that we haven’t talked about the basics of Human Design in a while here, so bear with me while we do a little review of what Human Design is first for the newbies as a set-up for the next part, where we’ll delve into some of the fears in the chart and how they might affect you.

What is Human Design??

To me, Human Design is where science and spirituality come together. It’s a very practical system for human beings – an instruction manual for your life really.   It’s a personality assessment tool that’s only been around since 1987. It’s a combination of a number of ancient wisdoms – the Kabbalah, the I’Ching, the Hindu Chakra system, and astrology, in terms of where the planets were aligned when you were born, as well as Quantum Physics, Biogenetics and Modern Math on the modern side. Put those altogether and the synergistic result is called Human Design.

So to me as I look at a chart, it’s like looking at your DNA, it’s what makes you unique and as individual as a snowflake. There’s no one like you, so wouldn’t it be nice to know who that is, and what you’re really here for? What would make you happy, joyful, fulfilled and continually growing? I think of joy, fulfillment and growth as a cycle in life. And it’s probably fair to say that whether you’re looking for that or you’ve already got some of it, you want more of it.

The thing is: We all want MORE – more clarity, more self-awareness, more spirituality, and yes, more stuff, too — and less fear, less distractions, less worries. You’re probably also looking for meaning in your life – and asking the questions like Why am I here? Who am I and what should I be doing with my life? But also, how can I make more money at something that’s fulfilling? So Human Design is a very cool tool to help you get there.

The chart shows you your energetic blueprint — assuming we can agree that we’re all made of energy –your decision-making strategy, and your life’s purpose, plus a whole lot more. It’s very specific and very accurate information about what makes you you – what makes you unique on the planet. It’s about personality traits, your strengths and weaknesses. And by the way, what we consider to be weaknesses are actually our life lessons – what we’re here to learn from. The chart you got is the perfection of you when you were born. A lot of times we forget how perfect we were when we were born. Human Design readings help you to remember that perfection AND allow you see how you can move closer to being the you that you’re here to be. Not as a perfect human being, but as the you you were meant to be. Before we got conditioned by our very well-meaning parents and teachers or siblings and friends. Before everyone had suggestions for who we SHOULD grow up to be, rather than allowing us to find out for ourselves. And as much as they want good stuff for us, they don’t really know what’s on our chart, the life plan that we came in with. It’s beautiful and it’s powerful and we can see it on the chart when we do a reading. I’m actually looking forward to the day when parents DO get their child’s Human Design chart on the day they’re born. Wouldn’t that change the world for the better? Wouldn’t you want that for your children or grandchildren?

OK, sorry for the rant. So with that introduction, now let’s move onto talking about fears and where they show up in the chart.

What does each Energy Type fear?

Each energy type has its own fears, because we wonder what will happen if we DON’T follow our strategy to get what we want. Even if we didn’t always consciously know our Human Design strategy, you may have figured it out, or you may have had a sense of what it is. But whether we know our strategy or not, we always know when it’s NOT working, right? When we don’t get what we want, when we don’t get the job, or the date, or the new car? When we keep running into resistance, things just aren’t going our way and nothing seems to be working out for us? Life is throwing us a curve ball, and we have no idea that it’s just because we’re NOT following our strategy. But each energy type is different…

So for the Manifestor, they’re afraid that they’re being too powerful or that they’re forced to hide their power because of cultural reasons or gender reasons. They also worry that their anger keeps them from fulfilling their power. That kind of forceful energy getting jammed down usually affects their health and wellness. It’s like putting a Mentos in Coke and shaking it up. Boom!

For Generators and Manifesting Generators, they fear that they’ll never have something to respond to. They worry that they’re settling for less, not getting what they want or don’t have the patience to wait out their mastery of a career. They also worry that their frustration is keeping them from achieving mastery – when they hop from one job or even career to another, whenever they get frustrated, instead of waiting it out.

For Projectors, because of their strategy of waiting for the invitation, they constantly worry and really fear that the invitation will never come, that their waiting will be in vain. They worry that they’re not good enough – and yet if THEY don’t value themselves, no one else will either. Also, their default emotion is bitterness, so if others feel the bitterness from a Projector, it keeps them away and masks the value of the Projector.

And finally, for Reflectors, they worry that if they’re always taking on other people’s energy, how will they know if they’re being themselves or if they’re somehow merging with other energies. That’s a tough call, because they really have to be away from other people to understand their own energy. They have to really tease out what is their energy vs. what they’re reflecting. They have such potential for the wisdom of humanity, and so they need to be with people. That’s a real conundrum for Reflectors.

So if you know your energy type, you probably identified with one of the fears above.

And as you probably realize, none of us are free from fears. It’s all part of being human. When we look at our Human Design, we can see the fears that are unique to us and at the very least give each one a name. Knowing this will give you tremendous insight into your personality and how you operate.

As Ra says, it will be a deep relief that there’s nothing wrong with you. Fear is to be recognized and understood. So once you are aware of the fears in your chart, and then understand them over time, you’ll find ways to step through them so that they’re not the problems or blocks that they once were. And then they can be appreciated for what they are: ways to keep us safe in new situations. Isn’t that a good thing?

NEXT TIME: Where are the fears in the chart’s Energy Centers? And how do they relate to our anxieties, nervousness and survival fears?



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