Harry & Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex 

Prince Harry born: September 15, 1984 at 16:20pm in Paddington, England

Meghan Markle born: August 4, 1981 at 4:46am in Los Angeles, CA

Married: Saturday, May 19, 2018 in Windsor, England

Don’t you just love weddings – especially Royal ones? They just have a flair for these things!  What a cool little town Windsor is – picturesque, cozy, gorgeous on a beautiful Spring day! And not a cloud in the sky – a very auspicious English day weather-wise for the happy couple. Some attributed the glorious weather to Meghan importing it in from LA!

They were indeed a couple that was all about the love, as the Bishop Michael Curry suggested. The rousing chorus, the joyful tunes, the nod to past and present as well multiple cultures, the combination of royalty and simplicity, noblemen and commoners – all made for a grand event with lots of little surprises!

Of course, I couldn’t wait to take a look at their charts – separately and together! It’s a wonderful match, as you might imagine, and they each have their own distinct personality on their own.


Duke & Duchess of Sussex composite chart


Prince Harry is the younger son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana. He is 33 years old now, turning 34 on September 15th. He has been a student at Eton College, in military service for 10 years, including as a soldier in Afghanistan and an Apache helicopter pilot, and founder of the Invictus Games. The Invictus Games began in 2014 with Harry as President as Paralympic games for wounded soldiers. As an activist, he’s also been involved with a number of other charities, particularly for orphans of AIDS, a cause dear to his mother as well. He was in Toronto for the Invictus Games when he went on a blind date with Meghan Markle.

In Prince Harry’s chart, we have an emotional Manifesting Generator with a 1/3 Investigative Martyr profile. He has a voice to be heard in all his charitable causes, will be experimenting throughout his life with new adventures, and he’s got the emotional ups and downs that make him interesting and unpredictable as one of the most approachable and beloved figures in the Royal Family. He almost couldn’t help but be a soldier with the two channels of Mating and Perfected Form, which make him a Warrior and someone you can follow out of a crisis to safety – literally a design of survival. He’s also got the Incarnation Cross of Eden, which is all about supporting the poor and those in need.

Meghan Markle grew up in Los Angeles, graduated from Northwestern University with degrees in theatre arts and international relations, and has been a working actress since 2002. She had a leading role in a long-term gig on Suits for the past seven seasons, just retiring as she became engaged to Prince Harry in late 2017. She’s also been an activist for gender equality for a number of years, spoke at the United Nations in 2012 and has travelled to Afghanistan to be with the troops.

Meghan’s chart is that of a Generator with the 5/1 Heretical Investigator and the Incarnation Cross of Refinement, with the Gate 33 in her Conscious Sun. She is all about the Privacy of the Gate 33 and keeping things close to the vest because of the projection of others’ perspectives onto her with the 5/1. Somehow she and Harry managed to keep their relationship under wraps for almost six months. How does that happen these days with cameras everywhere? She was able to keep her wedding gown’s designer a secret as well. Likely because she’s been in the public eye for such a long time with her blog and being an actress, she’s very resourceful and will fit into the monarchy beautifully, doing all the required and refined duties, but also keeping their private life private.  She has two channels – the Channel of Resources and the Channel of the Seeker. As an actress and lifestyle blogger, Meghan has amassed and managed her wealth during her successful career, while seeking to evolve and change over time. She’s a constant learner who is always wanting to “correct” things (with the Gate 18 – Correction), such as all the inequities she sees in the world.

Together, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will make a formidable pair as their combined charts show. They will likely take on a number of charities, start new ones and continue with the ones they’ve been involved with already. Between them, they have the entire Defense Circuit (Harry with 3 of the gates, and Meghan with the 4th – Gate 27 as Responsibility). This is very powerful in terms of their shared tribal values, but also in terms of wanting to have a family and being a proud part of the larger family – or The Firm, as the monarchy is referred to.

They have three places in the chart where there are electro-magnetics (where one gate of his matches up with a gate of hers) and that provides a little spice in their relationship. One of the places that occurs is with the Gates 44 and 26 between the Will and the Spleen Centers. Together, this is the Channel of the Salesperson, where Harry is great at meeting people and Meghan is great at closing the deal with integrity. Beyond that, those two gates define the Will and the Spleen for the couple, giving them both willpower to accomplish their projects, and the nurturing of the Spleen to soothe and encourage the people they work with.

Another match-up they have is with the Gates 1 and 8 – Making a Creative Contribution to the World. Harry also shares some of the gates that Meghan has as her channels or themes in her life. Again, lots of shared values in the chart even though they are a full three years apart. If the wedding and the way they looked at each other was any indication, this seems like a very long-lasting and loving relationship.


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  • Hi, this is a 7-2 connection pairing, which isn’t on the surface particularly ‘good’, is it? Although they can work at it and be successful, it isn’t a 9-0.

    You’ve provide a sunny-side up reading here without examining the negative aspects. Are there any?

    Does the combination of the 1/3 and 5/1 profiles bode well for the union or complicate it? This questions interests me the most. I am looking for basic profile compatibility knowledge.

    Does this couple have any compromise channels?

    • hi Ananda — thanks for your note. 7 and 2 isn’t bad; in my training and experience, the optimal configuration is 8-1, so yes, maybe a little work to do, but not much. As far as the profiles go, it’s always nice to have one of the numbers in common – as they have the 1, so they’re both investigative. Sorry if you think it’s a sunny reading. I don’t see a lot of downside here. And yes, they do have two compromise channels. Have a great day! Karen

  • Hi Karen,
    It does seem 100% like a sunny side up reading. They have now broken up with the Royal Family and more drama is to come as their brand gets blocked by the Monarchy. A fair response to the couple’s abdication if responsibilities. “You can’t abdicate responsibility and still keep the royal name to your advantage.” Looks like you need to update this post, otherwise it makes you look a lot less knowledgeable about human design that you surely are.

    • I believe Karen is referring to them as a couple, not their relationship with the family. They seem to be doing well in that regard and embodying exactly what was in the reading.


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