November 2012 Newsletter

What if there was a User’s Guide for YOUR life?

Imagine Knowing:

  • Your unique money-making strategy
  • The best kinds of relationships for you
  • The perfect job for you
  • The meaning of your life – your life’s purpose
  • And more!

Good News!   You are about to receive the instruction manual for your life.  Your unique Human Design chart shows you exactly how to live your life! To get a complementary chart – if you haven’t already – please click here to get one.
What is Human Design?
Human Design is a new, cutting-edge personality assessment tool that shows you how to find your unique decision-making strategy, your special gifts and talents, where you carry your pain and your potential for pain. Your Human Design chart is calculated using your birth date, time and place. Human Design is a synthesis of the Judaic Kaballah, the Chinese I’ching, the Hindu Chakra system, as well as Quantum Physics and genetics!
How Can Human Design Help You?
Knowing your Human Design shows you exactly what to do to make money, have fulfilling relationships, find the work that makes your soul soar, the spiritual purpose of your life and much more.
What are some of the other ways that you’ll benefit from a Human Design reading?

…In other words, what’s in it for me – or my loved ones?

You’ll discover the unique you that you were born to be.

You’ll have the choice to give up the traits that were “conditioned” in you by your early childhood – parents, teachers, siblings, classmates, etc. – the traits that never felt quite right to you.

You’ll discover whether you’re emotional or not. For me, that was worth the price of admission! Half the world is emotional and half the world is not; finding out whether you are or not can make all the difference for some people.

You’ll discover the authentic genius that lies within and feels very right to you – like a familiar friend.

You’ll discover that the “Just Do It” Strategy only works for a minority of the population. The rest of us have a decision-making strategy that involves a bit of waiting.

And once you find out and practice your own decision-making strategy, your choices will be confident and create peace for you. No more second-guessing yourself. Can you imagine how much time that saves each day?

You’ll discover an energy blueprint that is unique to you and that works very well in some relationships – and not so easily in others.

Discovering the authentic you that’s illustrated in your chart — and loving it — allows a deeper love of yourself.

And loving yourself leads to deeper relationships with everyone around you.

Understanding your chart allows for a lot less judgment, less resistance to outside events and people, and less attachment to outcomes – all aspects of the “New Earth”, as described by Eckhart Tolle in his book.

Finally, your children and grandchildren can be raised from birth as the individuals they were meant to be.
A Special Invitation For You…
A full Human Design Reading takes about two hours. During your Human Design Reading, you will receive a deep understanding of your Human Design Type and your unique decision-making strategy.  You will also gain powerful insights into your innate skills as well as a deep understanding of what may be keeping you stuck or blocked in your life and how to change it.

For more information or to get a reading, please visit my website:


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