October 11, 2012


Human Design is for the Children!

When Ra Uru Hu created the Human Design System in 1987, it was created for the children. His idea was that by letting the adults – mostly mothers – know about Human Design over the past 25 years, the beauty, simplicity, and pragmatism of Human Design would trickle-down to their children. And their children … and their children … and so on. Many thousands and perhaps millions of people have heard about Human Design, had a reading and told their friends and families about it. While it’s still a relative “secret”, I’m meeting more and more people who have already heard of Human Design at shows and conferences. The word is definitely spreading.

But back to the children. Why was Ra so insistent this system be taught to the children by their parents? He wanted the parents to embrace it first, live their strategy, and be an example to their children as they lived their strategy. He was envisioning an idyllic world – patiently but expectantly. Like a proud father himself, he was expecting Human Design to be at the forefront of the birthing of a new planet – a new Earth and perhaps even a Heaven on Earth, as some lightworkers envision. Ra’s vision was of a happy, healthy, vibrant world where each individual is embracing Human Design and living out their Strategy so that each of us fits perfectly into the puzzle of humanity – each of us playing the role that we came forward to play.

Now that Ra has passed away, I hold that vision, as do many of my teachers and colleagues in the Human Design community – and in increasing numbers, my clients. It’s so exciting!

It’s a beautiful thing to see someone’s potential in their chart, show them the genius that’s been there all along and have the lightbulb turn on! To hear the a-ha moment and to realize that they’ll never look at themselves as they did before ever again. The potential for wisdom, creativity, peace and love are all there – not only for you, but for your children, family and friends. After all, Human Design was created for the children. I now that they’re ready to hear it. The little ones are ready for this – they’re waiting for us to catch up!


If you’re interested in getting a Human Design reading, you’re invited to visit:


If you’ve already had a reading yourself, I invite you to request the charts for your children – they’re complementary on my website – and then perhaps schedule a reading for them, so that you can pass on this information on to them. It’s a gift to the children – they’re ready to embrace it.


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