RESOURCES…if you’re looking for more…

Here are a few links to some of the places I turn to frequently to get energetic information from about how the planet and all its inhabitants are changing. I think you might like some of them, too. Steve Rother runs this site (formerly known as and channels. On the last Saturday of each month, they stream their 2-hour show. The first and last half hour is usually a live channel from “The Group.” Lots of free videos, webinars, and articles on the website and on YouTube, as well as other classes and webinars that are fee-based. Patricia Cota-Robles is one person I’ve seen live at seminars, and she channels a lot about how we’re moving from 3D to 5D. She also talks a lot about God and how we got to this point with lots of Biblical touch-points, both Old and New Testament. A whole group — or library — of curated authors, speakers, channels, etc., who submit their articles and videos here. Good place to find the most appealing teachers for you at this time!   This is the place that I was first introduced to information about the Law of Attraction. We didn’t discuss this particular teacher in the book, but if you haven’t seen their work, it’s key to a lot of the energetic changes going on right now and also works beautifully with Human Design. They have lots of free videos and articles on their site. They also do seminars all around the US.  Mike Dooley created this site about 20 years ago, and I’ve been getting his “Notes from the Universe” each weekday for almost that long. He writes and sends notes about how our “Thoughts become things” (his term for the Law of Attraction) that are encouraging, uplifting and always seem to touch the right chord. He also has a number of books and videos and does seminars around the world.

In addition, if you’re interested in learning more about Human Design or in using it in your coaching practice, you can check out these three schools of Human Design which are geared to teachers, coaches and the curious ones!


  • Karen Curry Parker at The Quantum Alignment System, my teacher and mentor since 2009. She offers classes for becoming a Human Design specialist, if that’s your next step.




My thanks go out to each of these spiritual warriors, authors, and public figures who have been on the leading-edge of consciousness for so long. I’ve learned so much from them….and I hope you will too!