On this day of somber remembering as a nation, and among prayers for positive change and peaceful outcomes, it’s almost Fall north of the equator. Have you ever wondered why, with the change of each season, it feels like Love is in the air? At the Spring and Fall Equinox, at the Solstices in June and December? Why is that?

I’ve started doing some research on this – via a class in Transits – and the result are Transit Reports – basically weather reports based on what’s going on in the Celestial Weather, but according to Human Design, rather than via Astrology. Just imagine that all the planets plus the Sun and the Earth, all run through the gates in the same order – the i’Ching order of the 64 gates. But each planet’s speed is different, of course, and therefore the gates form a pattern that we can observe, and then make observations about them. Because Human Design follows the gates of the I’Ching around the Sun, the line up of planets and the gates can be interpreted in such a way as to sound like predictions. But in fact, it’s more like a common way of being on the planet because ALL OF US feel the same effects of those particular gates from those particular planets. And we feel the changes as the planets move. I’ll explain a little more as I do each transit report so that you’ll see how this can be helpful to you in your personal life and in your relationships. To start the process, I thought I’d begin today with the transit report for next week, because it’s all about LOVE. And it just happens to be the date I’ve chosen for my book launch – and with good reason!

Transit Report for Sunday, September 23rd (Incarnation Cross of the Vessel of Love)

Sun in Gate 46; Earth 25; North Node 31; South Node 41; Mercury 46; Venus 44; Mars 41; Jupiter 43; Saturn 10; Uranus 3; Neptune 63 and Pluto 54.

We are so fortunate that this Vessel of Love Incarnation Cross repeats at the beginning of each quarter, right around the Equinox and Solstices. And next week is one of those quarterly beginnings. The week beginning September 23 our transits will be all about LOVE – the power of love, the compassion of understanding another’s plight or our own, the care and feeding of our poor, our displaced, our disabled, and now today, with the appearance of the Gate 10 as well in Saturn – coming in like an exclamation point! – the love of the self that leads to the empowerment of all those avenues of LOVE. How sweet it is! The Sun is in the Gate 46 – the Love of the Flesh – with a potent physicality to it – and the Earth is in the Gate 25 – the Love of Spirit – putting us all in a more reflective, “it’s time to do something for me to better myself” frame of mind.

What better time of year – just as the Autumnal Equinox visits us on September 22nd – to have so many wonderful events to celebrate in the world? Ironically, many think that the events of the upcoming week happen to coincide with the advent of Fall, but more likely, these events are dependent upon and draw their lifeblood and enthusiasm from the placement of the planets. So is it a mere coincidence that the United Nations General Assembly will be occurring that week, the Global Citizens Festival, the opening two years ago this week of the brand new African-American History Museum in Washington, DC, and the International Day of Peace on September 21st all happen during this Vessel of Love with the Sun in the Gate 46 – the LOVE of the Flesh – and the Earth in the Gate 25 – LOVE of the Spirit?  Year after year,  now in its 73rd Session, the General Assembly occurs in this week; we’re in the 7th year of the Global Citizens Festival working to eliminate poverty across the world; and it’s already the 36th year (since 1982) of the International Day of Peace. Coincidence? Probably not!

At the very least, the organizers of these events deserve credit for recognizing the potent energies of this time, the joyful enthusiasm of the participants, and the subtle shocks that some of the participants give to their friends – “What, you’re NOT going?” – in an attempt to bring their friends closer to spirit by attending a physically buoyant event.

Besides all the LOVE – personally and globally – notwithstanding some current events – the personal planets – Mercury, Venus and Mars – have us repeating the them of the love of physicality, fashion, and activity in the Gate 46; valuing the tribe as we meet new people in business and other ventures and try to figure out if they’ll be good business partners, romantic partners, or friends of another sort or not in the Gate 44 (Coming to Meet); while the Gate 41 (Fantasy) encourages us to fantasize and be as creative as we want to be as we also show ourselves deep compassion, even if it makes us feel vulnerable, so that we can empower others with that creativity – our tribe, our students, our colleagues and even strangers.

In the outer planets, we have Jupiter in the Gate 43, where breakthroughs and insights and even unique perspectives on a new topic or an old one will be prominent – or at least more likely! – as a blessing to be grateful for and perhaps to learn a lesson from. In Saturn, we receive our lessons in the Gate 10 – the Love of the Self – another of the Love gates. How could we benefit from loving our self or others a little more? Our health, our family, our passion ….And what should we perhaps let go of in terms of blame or guilt, which are also associated with the gate? The combination of Jupiter and Saturn’s gates here have us loving ourselves and others more and then leading – as the gift – to new insights and perspectives about them. It’s a win-win.

Finally, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto remain constant in the Gates 3 (Trouble at the Beginning), 63 (Doubt/Suspicion), and 54 (Ambition). So we’re looking at having a little trouble or a hiccup as we being new projects even if we’re following our strategy, assessing them logically with doubt and suspicion, and then moving ahead with ambition to completion because they indeed feel correct for us.  Or not (because we always have free will). And we can send up an intention that our leaders, our soldiers, our candidates, and our government officials will do the same.

So summing up this change of seasons, I’d like to share with you a mantra from one of my spiritual teachers that I’m using quite often as a prayer, during yoga classes as an intention and under my breath during the day: “Compassionate Heart, I am”. It’s a great reminder!

And now, I hope you’ll feel a little more love in the air each time you realize that the change of the seasons is upon us!

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