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Human Design is what you need now.



Human Design is your personal guidance system – an energetic blueprint of how you operate in the world.


Logical Answers

The most accurate assessment you’ve ever heard of your personality traits, skills and motivations.



Allows you to gain control of your energy right away and explains how you interact with others.

Here’s what you get from Human Design

Everything you need to make choices in your life that support YOU. You get lots of answers to your questions AND the most practical way to make the changes YOU need to lead a happier, healthier, more fulfilled and fun life.

Human Design is a new system of self-knowledge that differs fundamentally from anything else that exists in the world today. It  is not built on belief or faith but is a logical, empirical system. It connects, in particular, to our modern understanding of genetics and quantum physics, while embedding the ancient wisdoms of the Kabbalah, the I’Ching and the Hindu Chakra System.

We each have a unique design, just as in biometrics, we have a unique fingerprint or retina pattern, handprint or voice pattern.

Your Energetic Blueprint

Your energy affects you AND the people around you. Now you can harness that energy.

Your Strategy for Making Decisions

Once you know your chart, you’ll trust your decisions. And breathe easier.

Your Life’s Purpose

To discover or confirm your life’s purpose is a true gift.


``Still a lot to work on, Karen, but I feel so positive with the awareness I now have and what more I will develop to absolutely improve the quality of my life and my work. Thank you so much for allowing us to find confidence in exactly who we are. This is amazing!``
Michelle HarperSydney, Australia
I wanted to say that your work with me was way more spot on than I was ever expecting. The details you read from my chart & how closely they fit my life truly opened my eyes to the human design so much more. Thank you for really seeing me
Karen was such a pleasure to talk to. She was thorough, kind, and very insightful during my reading. The information I learned through her was incredibly helpful and I use it frequently in my life. Highly highly recommended!
``I so enjoyed our chat yesterday. I will be reflecting for quite awhile about what I learned, and am looking forward to having the recording to listen to as well.``
I would recommend a reading to anyone because it gives an individual a chance to self reflect about the way they go about the decision making process and how they perceive things in the world around them.

What will YOU choose once you know who YOU are?

You were beautiful and perfect when you were born – and that hasn’t changed! The Secret Self you were born to be is just waiting to emerge from the story you’ve been telling yourself all these years. You know it’s in there – somewhere. Let Human Design help you to re-member and re-discover everything you suspected was in there. You know on some level that you are UNIQUE, that you are SPECIAL, and that you have a very important and individual reason for being here. With Human Design, the mystery is solved. Let the real you emerge.

Isn’t it time to re-shape your story into a better future? Just imagine how sweet life could be!


Unique combinations
Energy Centers
Energy Types

Your Human Design Chart reveals:

Your Human Design chart reveals: A path to self-discovery, a way out of conditioning, a way out of pain, the real YOU, and your unique genius!

The real YOU

Who you think you are vs. who you really are: confirming many traits but revealing others.

A Path of Self-Discovery

Helping you to re-member the Secret Self that you know is inside, waiting to emerge.

A way out of PAIN

Whether it’s financial, physical, relationship, creative or spiritual pain, Human Design can help.


Your conditioned beliefs and behaviors over the years CAN be changed. You can tell a new story with your own chart that you LOVE!

Your Unique Genius

We each have a unique genius that we can tap into when we embrace our Human Design chart.

Human Design is a unique way of understanding yourself for today’s challenges.

Understanding yourself

Human Design helps you to remember who you really are as an empowered, attractive, and joyful being.

Expanding your world

Once you feel loved and restored to your full energy, you can offer your services, expertise and knowledge to others.

Understanding others

Once your understand yourself, it’s so much easier to understand, appreciate and even love others, especially your friends and family.

Doing what you’re here to do

You can tell a different story of who you are in the world – a story that’s empowering and joyful every day of your life!

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