The Value of a Human Design Reading

The Human Design System is a relatively new, unique and powerful system of individual knowledge and personality assessment. It provides a framework for understanding human life itself, but also very specific knowledge about each individual: your health, your personal psychology, your vulnerabilities, as well as your talents, strengths, and gifts.

Description of a Human Design Reading

A Full Analysis of your Human Design Chart is a live (either via phone or in person), private, detailed interpretation of your unique Human Design chart.

It takes approximately 2 hours and covers information about and an explanation of your Type, your Profile and each of your Open and Defined Centers, as well as how these all work together as the unique qualities of you.

You will also receive an MP3 recording of your session. After your purchase, I will call you or email you to schedule your session at our mutual convenience, with weekend and evening availability.

Three Types of Human Design Readings

Human Design Analysis for Individuals
In its practical application, knowledge of the Human Design system instills confidence in those who experiment with the information it provides. A two-hour individual reading will give you the information you need to help you simplify your life, guide you in making decisions and help you to re-member your life purpose or discover it anew.


Human Design Analysis for Couples
Similar to the Individual reading, this package includes two private sessions – one for each partner – and then an additional session with both partners – all readings are via phone call and all calls will be recorded, if you wish.


Human Design Analysis for Families
This package includes a private reading for each parent, as well as individual sessions with each child and with one or both parents present, and finally a session with the entire family.




Includes: Full Human Design analysis, plus six additional hours of life/business coaching Marketing by Human Design course - online or the next live course


Includes ``Transforming Your Life`` plus Human Design analyses for one other and charts for all the significant people in your life – spouse/partner, children, business partner, boss, parents, siblings, etc.