I wanted to say that your work with me was way more spot on than I was ever expecting. The details you read from my chart & how closely they fit my life truly opened my eyes to the human design so much more. Thank you for really seeing me
Human Design Analysis is a fascinating way to validate the person that lies within, waiting to be discovered or to live in your designed makeup as to who you are. Karen’s passion is demonstrated in her work with people to disclose the type of personality they are and how that relates to the relationships they are in, and the life they are leading. I found for myself that I am not supposed to be behind the desk, but out among the people, which I already knew. Most of my life was hiding in the background waiting for the invitation, and here in Human Design Analysis has validated my own unique makeup and raised my own awareness to not only my own makeup, but those around me. I highly recommend this system to enhance business and personal relationships, as well as your purpose here on this planet.
L.M.New Jersey
Karen’s introduction to the human design system was my first experience with such an incredible combination of philosophies. As a Manifesting Generator, I have always known I make decisions quickly and confidently, but it was useful to learn that I may do myself a favor if I just take a moment to think first and act later! It was a very reassuring experience that everything and everyone I meet has been brought into my life for a reason. Karen is very thorough and she is always available for questions. I would recommend trying this!
I so enjoyed our chat yesterday. I will be reflecting for quite awhile about what I learned, and am looking forward to having the recording to listen to as well.
Karen’s reading abilities helped validate many of my “ways of being” in the world and helped me understand why I am the way I am. So many things I had not understood before made so much sense after our conversation. Human Design is unlike any other kind of method I have heard of/used before. The visuals are wonderful, Karen taped the session so I can go back and listen, and she has a wonderful presence. It is very insightful!
My Human Design reading was a thought provoking experience. It brought about a new level of thinking when asking the question ‘why did this happen’?, or more importantly how can I make this happen. It has always been my belief that things happen for a reason and after my reading, I became aware that the reasons things happen have to do with how the people involved act out the situation.

The human design reading gave me an insight as to what triggers the way I respond to situations. A light bulb did go off, but practicing and putting my strategy to respond in place takes practice. I found that in order to understand myself better, I had to become a better listener to others in order to understand situations and events as they happen.

I would recommend a reading to anyone because it gives an individual a chance to self reflect about the way they go about the decision making process and how they perceive things in the world around them.

One major benefit of the reading is that I’m now able to take a deep breath and stay calm before I react to people or situations. My experience with the human design reading has brought about some very positive changes making me more confident in my ability to interact with family, friends and people I run into in everyday life.

AGNew Jersey
As a result of my reading with Karen, I have a great relationship with my kids, ex, friends, parents, I’ve found a great job, I’m utilizing forgiveness in all my relationships, and I’m more accepting of who I am. I understand me and my emotional wave now – I see life as it is and understand my Human Design and how to use it to make better decisions.
A.R.Stamford, CT
Everything flows now! This has led to an incredible calm and sureness. Location, location, location is the key for me…so I made a decision to move to the beach. The decision manifested into a tangible home one block from the ocean. It is a miracle and still amazes me every day!
The best gift your reading gave me, Karen, was the gift of inner peace! I had a better sense of who I was, why I was here and that there was nothing wrong with me. I was able to embrace and accept myself more than ever before. Really. What you do is so incredibly helpful on a deep, soul-filled level and I cannot thank you enough. Big hug of gratitude for your love and talent!
J.A.Toronto, Canada

Karen was such a pleasure to talk to. She was thorough, kind, and very insightful during my reading. The information I learned through her was incredibly helpful and I use it frequently in my life. Highly highly recommended!”
P.A.M.Los Angeles, CA